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Rose Hydrosol; Rosa spp.

An intoxicating blend of wild and garden roses, distilled to perfection. Fresh roses are cooling, soothing and hydrating in nature. Rose hydrosol is in fact "humectant" meaning it not only adds moisture, but also helps retain it. It's gently astringent and can help tighten fine lines. These balanced properties make it ideal for dry, sensitive or mature skin as a daily facial mist. The vibrational wisdom of Rose is that of ultimate heart opening, like an unfurling blossom. She is acclaimed to have the highest vibration of all the plant kingdom, ushering deep emotional processing, while holding you within the protection of her mighty thorns. She is a powerful ally that will bring you into a state of full embodiment; your highest self. Rose can only be described as heavenly or divine.

  • Use on burns, sun burns, wind burns etc., to heal and cool the skin
  • Use as a balanced daily facial mist to tone fine lines and add deep moisture
  • A wonderful tool for emotional support, to gently astringe tears and to hold a safe space for vulnerability
  • Use as an act of self-love, to treat yourself to a moment of stillness, love and bliss

Rose Hydrosol

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