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Essence Liberation
Psychosynthesis Coaching

"The Soul knows all about it."
~Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis.

Psychosynthesis is a modality harnessing transpersonal, or spiritual, Psychology. Transpersonal guiding differs from the common field of coaching, in that it is not prescriptive. 
Instead, as a Psychosynthesis guide, I collaborate with the client to deepen into authenticity though presence, self inquiry and expanding perspectives.
Together we explore ways to free up the energies of the transpersonal (soul Self), by calling wounded aspects home to safety and nourishment. NOT by purging and banishing. 
Finally, aligning the will, our action and choice, to the qualities and visions of Self. Not just in action but in our way of being in the world. 

As a Psychosynthesis guide, my work is to lead by following your lead. While we, together are working in collaboration, you are the one who carries the torch. 

When guiding, I conjure a deep seat of presence, and an open channel for soul-infused movement. Our sessions will consist of powerful questions, leading to curious and clarifying self-inquiry. Here, we unlock guidance and truth that your soul knows all about, but that your personality may be limited in accessing.

As we unearth the vast wholeness of your internal landscape,
you will gain ever-expanding access to your gifts, resources and will. This shift ultimately equates to fully bringing your "YES" to life, in all that you do.

Some notable pillars of this work include: radical acceptance of all our parts, calling home wounded stories to be transformed, by meeting the core need at the root of the tenderness, aligning our daily self with purpose+intention, and moving through the world with choice and loving awareness. 

A quote from Psychosyntheis Elder, Jon Schottland
"We are going to begin to explore your world... your inner world as well as your outer world,
your ways of living and how your life is unfolding, your vision and sense of possibility,
what you want and desire,
the patterns and reactions within your personality that both serve and limit you, the challenges you face along with any experience of vulnerability and uncertainty.
Above all, we will seek to connect with an essential self that exists at the core of who you are,
a self that is a source of both being and becoming,
who you are and who you may be."

~Jon Schottland~

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Revel in your Richness, beautiful one!

Ignition and passion lie in the heart of exquisite soulful expression. Through my own journey of wound to wisdom, I am called everyday, to reclaim desires and gifts that I've banished somewhere along the way.

It is this very journey that has birthed my work of essence liberation. The medicine of empowered beings living their vibrantly authentic truth, is something the world at large is ravenously hungry for.

Loving transformation awaits you.

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The Journey
1:1 Sessions on Zoom
1 hour call, 1x/week
Minimum 3 months

Custom herbal recommendations 
Payment Plans
Pay-in-full savings option


Do you feel the call?

Our first step... A Discovery Call!
Free 60 minute opportunity for us to tune-in together and explore.


What clients are saying...

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"Working with Ariana over the past several months has been so helpful to me and my growth and exploration. I’ve had amazing insights in working with her, as she always shares a space of trust and integrity. In her presence, I have felt so safe to be myself and to voice and explore my concerns, hesitations, and wants in life. Her questions and thoughtfulness have guided me to finding answers and unlocking “aha” moments that have really helped me in moving forward with decisions and choices in my life. For anyone looking to fully express themselves, I highly recommend working with Ariana.”

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"Ariana has a beautiful, serene presence that creates space for powerful personal insight.  Her deep inquiry in our coaching sessions really opened the door to getting to know myself, my purpose and my next step.  I found the work with her over the past several months to be deeply transformative as well as being able to make very practical next steps in my life."

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“Ariana holds such a beautiful, receptive, compassionate presence that made me feel comfortable to go into spaces and places within my heart and mind I wouldn’t normally go with such ease & willingness. I felt her intuitive guidance supporting and facilitating such a rich and potent journey, that intimately led me to breakthrough discoveries. Ariana is an incredible guide - the conversation feels completely natural and flows with a strong current of unconditional love and acceptance. Any woman would be blessed to have her as a guide on the journey of transformation. So much gratitude for you angel!”


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