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The Path of Ceremonious Beauty


That moves the soul

Summoning Source through the sensuous gateways of this Earthen vessel

Warmth and harmony adorning

My dressings and surroundings

Passionate, Godly love, that brings you to your knees

Weaving words, uttered in ecstatic prayer

In the deepest chambers

Ruminating on the swelling awe of a dark moon night

Light the candles above the altar,

Ignite the coal, to gently crackle its elemental song

A tear drop of my ancestors wisdom

A bead of copal resin

Undulating smoke that plumes and caresses

around the silken contours of flesh and stone

Draping creamy Jasmine vines

Along the arch-ways of my soul

The depth of her soft perfume

Lilting through the memories of a heart cracked open.

Each breath, and step

Slowed with a skilled grace

As if dancing through amber ambrosia,

The white linens she wears, melting through warmed honey

What defines a gift from sorrow

A momentous birth, a sparrow lost to the hawk

The tapestry of stories, sunrises and fallen mountains

All a piece of something perceived

Letting go, focused attention

Breathing in, singing out

Beloved, you are infused in every bit

Of this dream sewn together

By the beautiful weathered hands

Of Mystery and Spirit.

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