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Reclaim your essence as medicine for the world!

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Ariana is a certified Psychosynthesis Life coach and trainer, as well as a Certified Clinical Herbalist. She offers psychospiritual coaching for individuals and groups with a focus in: soul purpose, sacred living, creative expression and holistic wellness. She has been joyously serving her community in the field of coaching since 2019, and offers transformative presence, a soft place to land, and powerful reflections for her clients. The container she facilitates is a sacred reclamation ceremony, with the invitation to integrate past wounds, heal limiting beliefs and honor the unique gifts you are here to share with the world!


Her passion for holistic healing, Earth-connection and the wisdom center of the body, infuses her unique style of guiding.


As a Persian-American woman, her life has revealed a deep calling to embody soulful expression, coming from a lineage of deep feminine repression. These longings are what brought her to the Psychospiritual Institute, where she found the synthesis and integration to serve the world with wound-to-wisdom offerings. 


Founder of "Liberated Essence", she holds the work of guiding and supporting soul-led individuals to activate their unique, embodied expression with reverence and devotion. She lives and breathes this path, to serve in a way that proves to be vitally-transformative for all who experience it. 


Ariana is a northern CA native, tribal fusion dancer, conscious mama and devoted wife. Her mission is driven by the core belief that the world receives potent healing when we liberate our creative channel and express our essence with radical authenticity.


Psychosynthesis has deep roots, dating back over 100 years, beginning with an incredible visionary named Roberto Assagioli. The intention of this body of work is to harness the realm of science and psychology, while including the spiritual dimension that is so vital to the human experience. What Assagioli began, has continued to evolve and grow like a grandmother Oak, with branches reaching far and wide to include somatic work, shadow work, inner-child work and so much more.


Psychosynthesis is both a “depth” psychology, where we traverse the lower unconscious where our wounding lives, AND a “height” psychology where we explore the original blueprint of our soul, our purpose and the transpersonal qualities that are longing to become embodied within us. 


By digging deep into our depths, and reaching high up into our potential, we clear the channels for integrated, embodied ways of living to move through our everyday walk of life.

To weave it all together, we harness the alignment of our will, our action and choice, to the qualities and visions of Self. Not just through our choices but in our very way of being in the world, a felt sense of wholeness and full expression. This powerful framework allows us to bring our purpose to life.

As a Psychosynthesis guide, my work is to lead by following. While we are working in collaboration, you are the one who carries the torch. We orient towards your soul with the knowing that this is the seat of your wise and unique essence.

When guiding, I conjure a deep seat of presence and an open channel for soul-infused movement. Our sessions will consist of powerful questions, leading to curious and clarifying self-inquiry. Here, we unlock guidance and truth that your soul knows all about, but that your personality may be limited in accessing.

As we unearth the vast wholeness of your internal landscape,
you will gain ever-expanding access to your gifts, resources and will. This shift ultimately equates to fully bringing your "YES" to life, in all that you do.

Some notable pillars of this work include: radical acceptance of all our parts, calling home wounded stories to be alchemized into gifting, aligning our everyday-self with purpose and intention, and moving through the world with soulful passion and aliveness.

"The Soul knows all about it."
~Roberto Assagioli, founder of Psychosynthesis.

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"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."


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