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Liberate your Essence

Revel in your Richness

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Ariana N. Vallejo CCH, PLC


Ariana Vallejo, CCH, PLC is Psychosynthesis Life Coach and Certified Clinical Herbalist, passionate about holistic wellness and essence liberation. She joyously serves her community with transformative presence, a soft place to land and powerful reflections.  As a Persian-American woman, her life journey has revealed a deep calling to reclaim soulful expression, coming from a lineage of deep feminine repression. These longings are what brought her to the Psychospiritual Institute, where she found the synthesis to embody her gifts and services, out into the world. Founder of "Liberated Essence", she holds the work of guiding and supporting creative souls to reclaim their unique, embodied expression, with deep reverence and devotion. She lives and breathes this path, to serve in a way that proves to be vitally-transformative to all who experience it. 

Ariana is a northern CA native, Earth tender, medicine drummer, tribal fusion dancer, conscious mama and devoted wife. Above all else, she is a firm believer that the collective at large receives potent healing when we revel in the richness of our being!

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Essence Liberation

Psychosynthesis Coaching

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I support creative souls in exploration and nourishment of their unique essence, so they can lead a life of purpose and joyful creation.
Whether it is matters of business, parenthood, partnership, artistry, play or simply moving through daily life, I endeavor to strengthen and support you in connection to your heart flame!

We deeply desire to live free, relaxed, embodied and confident, yet instead can find ourselves governed by our own cage of limiting stories.
The reality is that we are harshly criticizing ourselves, disconnected from unconditional self-acceptance. How often are we behind the scenes, pouring tireless effort into “perfecting” our expression until it is “worthy” of being witnessed?

My love, we are so capable and deserving of it all: an unshakeable sense of self, feeling beautiful and radiant no matter how we physically look, and being anchored into knowing ourselves as valuable, creative and worthy.

The path to liberating your essence, your artful heart and soul, is releasing limiting narratives and softening into clarity and compassion.

Revel in the richness residing in the luscious soil of your being.

Take my hand beloved, let's begin...

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"Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray."


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