Liberate your Essence

Revel in your Richness

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Meet the Modalities

Vitalist Herbalism

Step into relationship with intuitive Earth medicine. This offering is a wholistic blend of lifestyle, nutrition and herbal medicine. My mode of working with people and plants, harnesses a vital focus on nourishing and empowering the body to recalibrate into its own wisdom and balance. My studies include western herbalism, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, Unani Tibb (Green -Arabic) and aromatherapy.


A transformational modality that blends psychology and spirituality. Becoming intimately acquainted with the landscape of your being,  we utilize a space of ceremonious co-creation to set your essence  free! Together we will hone in on the pulse of your innately unique resonance, and learn the  way your heart is longing to move through the world.

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Women's Essence Liberation

Psychosynthesis Coaching

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I support women in exploration and nourishment of their unique essence, so they can lead a life of purpose and joyful creation.
Whether it is matters of business, mothering, partnership, artistry, play or simply moving through daily life, I endeavor to strengthen and support you in connection to your heart flame!

We deeply desire to live free, relaxed, embodied and confident, yet instead can find ourselves  governed by our own cage of limiting stories.
The reality is that we are harshly criticizing ourselves, disconnected from unconditional self-acceptance. How often are we behind the scenes, pouring tireless effort into “perfecting” our expression until it is “worthy” of being witnessed?

My love, we are so capable and deserving of it all: an unshakeable sense of self, feeling beautiful and radiant no matter how we physically look, and being anchored into knowing ourselves as valuable, creative and worthy.

The path to liberating your essence, you artful heart and soul, is releasing limiting narratives and softening into clarity and compassion.

Revel in the richness residing in the luscious soil of your being.

Take my hand sister, let's begin...

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Botanical Essence Mists