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Lavender Hydrosol; Lavandula angustifolia

Most acclaimed for its cosmetic applications, Lavender hydrosol has a balanced pH that makes it ideal for all skin types, but especially so for dry skin. It’s also gently anti-inflammatory, cooling and regenerative to skin cells. As a mild cleansing agent, it can be used for removing makeup, as a toner, to clean cuts and scrapes, as a natural deodorant spray and more! The aromatherapy of this herb makes it great for uplifting the spirits of adults and children alike. 

  • Take it on trips to keep skin moisturized

  • Use it for burns including sunburn, rashes, bug bites and itchy skin

  • Spray skin before and after hair removal to prevent ingrown hairs

  • Use as a light fragrance spray in hair, on neck, wrists etc., and reap the benefits of its calming nature on your pulse points

  • Use as a spray on linens/sheets/pillows to help with sleep

Lavender Hydrosol

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