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Serpent, She Is

Yes; I try on many skins

a collage of identity

but what lies within and remains

amidst the change, is a heart full of ecstasy

no not the blissed out rainbows and butterflies

but an ever-expansive state of presence

to what is

ecstatic grief

ecstatic longing

ecstatic peace

ecstatic void

ecstatic love

Yes; I try on many skins

playing with essence and script

the freedom to be the many versions of me

seemingly directionless but all rooted in this expression

Here for it

now with it

bleeding on the alter of life and sensation

laying offerings of tears and awe

at the feet of the great mystery

Caught in rapture

by the very possibility of breath

and heart beat

No; this is not to say that there aren’t times when ebb and flow feel insecure

for there are plenty of days when I am fixed, gazing afar

wondering and wandering through the landscape of vast possibility

No; this is not an inspirational piece

or a blueprint for you to shape your experience from

but rather a vein of truth, that you may become

you may BE

whatever it is you are





within or without

and every microcosm between

Yes; I try on many skins

and who I am, is what I am

and what I am is free to be

and what you are

is different than me

and what we are is holy

Distinct as a gem cut for the ring of the queen of the heavens.

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